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LIMS Integrated laboratory management software 2018

Raddec-LIMS: Integrated laboratory management package designed for efficient management in busy radiochemical laboratories. LIMS software works in a multi-access WEB environment allowing technical and administrative personnel to efficiently manage job control, quality control, quality assurance, training, equipment control and financial tracking. The software has been developed, tested and proven through routine use in a leading ISO17025:2005 accredited laboratory

Job management: Sample / job log in and job data summary. Job tracking function. Detailed job listing functions. Job review

Data management : Results database and automated report generation. Direct data transfer from Fitzpeaks gamma spectrometric and LSC+ soft¬ware or upload from spreadsheets or manual data entry.

Quality assurance : Working instruction database. Integrated equipment inventory and failure logging. Integrated approved supplier database and ordering function.

Quality control : Integrated equipment inventory and failure logging. Rapid and detailed assessment of QC data, generation of Shewhart plots and QC summaries for a specified job, analysis type, or analyst.

Performance monitoring : Generation of performance data including jobs completed to deadline, days overdue, jobs per customer, number of analyses, jobs requiring re-analysis, reports re-issue, job acceptance levels, customer feedback.

Training \u0026 authorisation : Integrated analyst training database linked to sample analysis selection. Multi-level access control allowing controlled access to key areas of the system. Remote customer access to selected areas of the system.

Financial management : Generation of quotations / invoices and financial summaries

LIMS key features:

► Internet (or intranet) based Integrated software for effective data, job and financial management within the (radio)analytical laboratory.

► Intelligent use of performance data to support training, quality control and quality assurance objectives.

► Straightforward installation and set-up allowing rapid implementation of the system.

► Adaptable platform enabling the system to be tailored to a laboratory’s requirements.

LIMS - Sample Arrival & Testing

Featuring the Benz Laboratory and their LIMS system. This video, intended for Benz sales team and Benz distributors, explains what happens to customer samples when they arrive at the Benz lab. Featuring Jake Baus.

Simple LIMS Software Demo

Simple LIMS Software ( is a simple and affordable Microsoft Access based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) software for small laboratories. This simple LIMS software serves in a variety of industries, and it is easy to use, configurable, and providing rapid deployment options to meet the needs of any small laboratory in their daily operations and customer order management. It is a OPEN SOURCE laboratory information management software that allows you to easily organize your order workflows and control your lab documents.




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