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SMG4: If Mario was in... Baldi's Basics

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Mario gets a private teacher cuz he's too dumb... little does he know that this teacher has a certain reputation...



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Nancy Espinoza : As más de Amoug us
G Gorghe : 3:26 my mom
3:45 my dad
Jose YT : is is the only channel that makes sponsoring fun
Gianmaria Saccomando : 10:18 my face after play baldi basics
Xx_Trikz -170 : 2:27
Bobby t nation : This video is one of the funniest thing I have seen like how did you get it to be soooo funy
biggouldy : SMG4, one of the only channels with promos I will gladly stick around for
Benjamin Aguilar : hi
Jayyy : Yesssssssssssssss
Jayyy : Good man

Gulfstream IV

Uploaded April 20, 2015.

Aircraft type: Gulfstream IV

To learn more, please visit our website at: http://www.ogarajets.com
Jake Stevens : At least this one has a remote control for its surround sound stereo system
armidaleconcrete : i would like to buy half a dozen please. money is no object.
Marcus LeeP : Very nice....
Rick Green : Very impressive heavy metal. Forward and Aft Lav's? Wow. Now that is first class.

Gulfstream IV - the jet limousine

Gulfstream IV is a family of business jets developed by the Gulfstream Aerospace in the 1980s. The family is presented by the Gulfstream IV basic models and their subsequent generations Gulfstream IV SP, G300 and G400, as well as the G350 and G450. During the period from 1985 to 2018 more than 900 aircraft of the family were delivered, most of which continue to fly.

Thanks for watching!

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Yosarian Mack : 8:41 ; photo of Dennis Washington(left) and Allen Paulson(center) . I worked for Washington( and flew all over the world with him and sometimes Allen was on board the G-4.Paulson used to bring his strange wife along (former stewardess from the Middle East who wore cheap fake jewelry)
After Paulson died his former wife married T-Boone Pickens.
I guess he must have wanted to suffer too.
Interesting times and interesting people.
lemard mays : Really nice.
Bill Collie : Were you aware that Spey and Tay ( Rolls engines) are names of rivers in Scotland.
David : These planes come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Epstein. He found great uses for his IV and V. It that a selling point. Epstein was a hungry wolf.
Robert Bardos : quality content request - piper line of piston multi engine aircraft :)
Dyllen-Maine : Warren Buffett's family can fly in one anywhere they like! Such a beautiful aircraft.
MrAffrank : No FADEC on GIV or GVSP.
Jose Bessette : you wanna buy jet fuel then the best place for you is beloveneft,com we sell at an affordable rate
83gwiz : This video is not completely accurate. The original iv tays did not have fadec
Nick : If you have X-Plane, go and download the G-IV SP from the forum. It's awesome.




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